Practical Extinguishing Exercise

available on request / auf Anfrage

What is not practiced does not work when it is needed!

Instruction of employees with regard to „behaviour in the event of fire“ is a fundamental obligation of the employer.


This practical seminar offers an efficient overview of the current requirements and the correct behaviour in case of fire. The focus is on practical exercises with portable fire extinguishers. Due to relatively small groups, the extinguishing exercise can be carried out very effectively and the learning success is optimal.

Course Contents / Kursinhalte

Training content:

Theory (about 50 minutes):

  • Overview of the current legal provisions
  • Fundamentals: „Burning and Extinguishing“.
  • Fire hazards – findings from fire cases
  • Correct behaviour in case of fire (alerting, rescuing, extinguishing)


Practical Part (about 45 minutes):

  • Demonstration of typical fire hazards
  • Demonstration of the use of fire extinguishers
  • Extinguishing exercise by each participant in fire and extinguishing simulator

Duration: approx. 2 hours

This practical seminar can also be offered as in-house training at your company. A suitable training area (e.g. parking lot) for the extinguishing exercise and a suitable lecture room with beamer/flipchart are required. If this is not available, the extinguishing exercise can also take place in 1030 Vienna. Give us a call (01 / 890 62 36) or send us an e-mail to and we will prepare a detailed offer for you.